Super simple jQuery slideshow with lazy loading

I recently had to create a page with 20+ slideshows. I was translating the page from a WordPress site. The original page builder had used the WordPress built in slideshow, which is easy, but did not do him any favors in terms of performance. The page loaded all the slideshows at once and when they got going, you could really feel the page bog down.

Change all fields of a certain type in Acrobat, to a different type

Here is a handy little script I recently wrote to automate a monotonous task in Acrobat. Since Acrobat has no method of actually changing field types, you have to remove all fields and add new ones in place. This script gets the coordinates of the existing fields and replaces them in exactly the same spot with new fields. Just change the fieldTypeToChange variable to whatever you need to change and change the newFieldType to whatever field type you want to switch to. I attach this to a button then press when I'm ready.

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